Solar Cookoff

Cook Off

Solar Cook Off ’97

EPSEA’s Solar Cook Off coincided with Eath Day Festivities in El Paso on April 20. On a beautiful Solar Day, EPSEA not only conducted the cook off but also set up working solar displays which included; PV water pumping, solar distillation, concentrated solar energy, a stirling engine and the “Human Sundial”. Thousands of people visited our booth and left with information about the equipment displayed as well as solar design, hot water and more.

The Human Sundial

Once laid out the human dial holds their hands slightly apart and turns until there is no shadow on either palm.

Lilly Ojinaga, Program Coordinator for Renewable Energy, State Government of Chihuahua, Mexico demonstrates just how easy it is to tell time.

Here are a few photos of the entries from elementary, middle and high school students from El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. Congratulations to all who competed.


More Info:

Metal particle generates new hope for hydrogen energy

Led by Associate Professor Greg Metha, Head of Chemistry, the researchers are exploring how the metal nanoparticles act as highly efficient catalysts in using solar radiation to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. “Efficient and direct production of hydrogen from solar radiation provides a renewable energy source that is the pinnacle of clean energy,” said Associate Professor Greg Metha. “We believe this work will contribute significantly to the global effort to convert solar energy into portable chemical energy.”

Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry

Inkjet printers, a low-cost technology that in recent decades has revolutionized home and small office printing, may soon offer similar benefits for the future of solar energy. Engineers at Oregon State University have discovered a way for the first time to create successful “CIGS” solar devices with inkjet printing, in work that reduces raw material waste by 90 percent and will significantly lower the cost of producing solar energy cells with some very promising compounds.

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