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Greenwood Furnace says they have come up with a stove that is highly efficient, burns smoke and creosote free, and saves up to 70% of your heating bill. Perhaps worth a look see.

and for those looking for pv panels
Shine Solar- A professional solar panel manufacturer in China

U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Effeciency and Renewable Energy Home Page

EERE Consumer’s Guide: Energy-Related Publications

Other sites to help you into owning a green house.

Santa Fe Green Real Estate

the Residential Energy Services Network (for evaluating residences)

Solar Energy Sites

Texas Solar Energy Society

UTEP Energy Center (currently under construction)

NREL is doing several cool things with solar. First they have their

National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Parabolic Trough Solar Power Network.

They also are researching concentrating Solar Power in general, with a project here in Texas and maps of solar radiation.

Renewable Energy Association of Central Texas

New Mexico Solar Energy Association

Home Energy Magazine Online

Home Power Magazine

Mexico Renewable Energy Program
Southwest Technology Development Institute

Public Citizen’s Critical Mass Energy Project


American Solar Energy Society

EPA GreenLights

U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency
and Renewable Energy Network

And if you live in the U.K.

Solfex Ltd.Distributors of evacuated tube & flat panel solar thermal collectors (UK)

Sustainable Building (UK)

Sustainable Living (UK)

American Wind Energy Assoc.

Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Star Building program

Florida Solar Energy Center

Passive Solar Industries Council

Union of Concerned Scientists

Rocky Mountain Institute

Lighting Research Center

Electric Vehicle WebDirectory, On & off the Net

Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange

Biomass Energy Alliance

PV Power Resource Site

Calculate the angle for PV modules!

PV Design and More

(sustainability-legislative updates-environmental justice)

Natural Building Resources


SUNSTOVE Organisation

Global Warming
The Climate Ark is a climate change portal dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon and other emissions, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and ending deforestation.

Electric – Solar – Hyper Car sites

Winston Solar Challenge

NESEA American Tour de Sol

Sunrayce ’97

World Solar Challenge

The Hyper Car
The RMI Vision

Student’s Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Resources- Parts/Manufacturers/Kits more




Electric 944 Porsche

Links to Links

Energy Crossroads

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology

DOE Alphabetical Listing of All Sites

Amazing Environmental Organization Directory

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