Alternative Energy Future For New York: Stanford Study

Andrew Cuomo, New York Gov. will soon decide whether hydraulic fracture for natural gas would be approved or not. No alternative to expanded gas drilling has been proposed yet. However, a new study shows that it is possible to convert New York’s all purpose energy infrastructures to one powered, WWS (wind, water and sunlight) and it is economically feasible as well. The plan shows a great way to an inexpensive, sustainable and reliable energy supply which can create local job and save billions of dollars which the state spend in reducing pollutions.

A senior fellow with the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Mark Z. Jacobson, co-authored the study with the scientist from the University of California-Davis and the Cornell University. Jabobson is also a professor Civil and Environmental Engineering.

He said that “Converting to water, wind and sunlight is very faceable and it will stabilize costs of energy as well as it will create jobs. In addition, it will reduce health and climate damage.”

The study is to develop a great plan to fulfill all the energy needs with renewable energy for transportation, electric power, industry, heating and cooling, and to calculate number of devices and jobs created, the amount of land and ocean areas needed and the policies needed for such infrastructure change. It also comes with a new calculation for air pollution based on multiple years of air quality data.

The study concludes while a WWS conversion may result in initial capital cost increases, these costs would be more than made up for over time by the elimination of fuel cost. It would reduce end-use power demand by about 37% and stabilize energy prices as the fuel cost will be zero. It will also create installation, manufacturing and technology jobs within the states.

Arizona Corporation Commission Has Gone Against the Solar Industry

Zachary Shahan puts together the solar statistics for the year of 2012 and the results are really interesting. The statistics say that Arizona State is at the top in terms of solar energy usage. Arizona has been a large coal producing state.

Arizona is sunny and one of the most clean energy markets in the world and because of this, solar industry is rapidly growing here. Sunny weather has drawn hundreds of different solar companies to the State. The headquarters of First solar (largest solar company in the world) is situated here.

As the industry is growing and there is an economic benefit for the state, it is expected that this is the beginning of new industrial era. But Arizona is moving in the opposite direction, instead of embracing the economic engine that solar industry could provide. The ACC, Arizona Corporation Commission, has taken 3 distinct steps against the solar industry.

The attorney general in Virginia is leading efforts to eliminate financial for renewable energy projects. In North Carolina, there are also notable movements on the behalf of solar energy. On the other hand, there is an anti-clean energy campaign in Arizona which is a perfect state for solar energy.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has taken a series of steps against the solar. Recently, the commission has introduced a measure that would cut sales to the largest customers. This approach of the ACC has been criticized. However, the steps by ACC will affect the solar industry.

Natural Gas is the reason for Alternative Energy Depression

In a recent study, the global alternative energy investments aren’t looking so bright. Just in a few days, private and public sectors around the world have already lost billions of dollars in alternative energy sector. The price of natural gas is the main reason behind it. As the world is experiencing technological update in alternative energy sector, the price of the natural gas has been reduced greatly.

In the present market, natural gas is inexpensive. So the investors have lost their interest to invest in the renewable energy. Because of the technological improvement in the reservation, previously unreachable reserves have now been tapped. Fracking has made it possible for USA to surpass Russia as the world’s largest natural gas supplier.

The market statistics showed in 2008 the price of natural gas was $13 per thousand feet. But in 2012, the price reduced to $3 per thousand feet. United States Natural Gas has fallen 39% and just after a year the downstream touched 68%.

The scenario is alike in the alternative energy sector but a bit worse may be. The stocks are deemed notable and widely admirable now but the stockholders aren’t interested to touch it right now. The risk is high so new investors haven’t showed any interest to get involved with the current high risk situation.

Each and everyone know that if we continue walking in the current course it will be very risky for the future of our planet. It’s time when we should move towards the clean energy and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. But there are not so many who are willing to pay the price and actually live green. If the price of the natural gas increases it may bring sweet turn to the alternative energy sectors.

Time to take initiative to install Solar Photovoltaic Panels in Every House

New York and New Jersey residents have suffered three major natural calamities in the past 16 months. The last one attacked just a few days back in the middle of the United States presidential campaign. Though the residents have survived the attack there was complete black out because most of the poles were wiped out by the super-storm Sandy. Now it’s time when they should think about something innovative.

Utility companies are working hard to repair and replace those poles affected by the storm. But when the power industry is unable to perform its basic mission of supplying reliable power then the people should think about something sensible. Is it really sensible to run the 21st century with bunch of copper wires and wooden poles?

The residents are unhappy with the inadequate power supply and they’ve already taken initiative to restore their power until the power industry is able to perform their task. They’ve bought portable gas powered generators. But with the power they got from these generators what are they doing to our environment? These expensive devices creating dirt and noise in terms of power supplying.

But if they’ve spent their valuable cash in more effective solar photovoltaic technology then they could’ve reduced their reliance on fossil fuels. Electricity-producing photovoltaic panels are installed on houses, on the roofs of warehouses.

In the last five years the cost for solar panels have been dropped almost 80 percent. Solar panels can produce with same amount of cost now the 20 state’s residents are paying for power. It’s not only can power us but also reduce cost and most importantly it doesn’t damage our beloved environment. Now the question has risen why the authority didn’t take proper initiative for this safe and clean source of energy.

Germany Invest on Alternative Energy: Leading to Make the World Greener

In 2010 Germany decided to review their policy on renewable energy. A recent study conducted by CPI (Climate Policy Initiative) gave an overview of efforts of German businesses and households and how they financed their energy efficiency and renewable energy?

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is an advocacy organization which concerns about alternative energy. This organization is financed by billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros. According to the report of CPI Germany invested 37 billion euros, which is 1.5% of their GDP in 2010. In this total amount private industries invested 22 billion euros and the rest of the amount (14 billion) was invested by individuals.

German government is very much committed for developing green Germany. In this regard they are planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80-95% by 2050. They are also estimating around 2022, the only current viable carbon-free clean energy, run by nuclear power. These plans are very much encouraging for other countries to step forward for making a green world by producing alternative energy.

For renewable energy generation Germany such as solar power constitutes most of these invests and the exact amount is 26.6 billion euros. Small scale renewable energy projects like installations of residential solar photovoltaic were 75% of that while large-scale projects accounted for the remaining 25%. The solutions of reducing emission of greenhouse gases are for short period and costs 7.2 billion euros.

These efforts are well appreciated by many people, especially by CPI. Barbara Buchner, Director, CPI Europe says, “The task of the government is to create the conditions for businesses and households to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. And indeed, government-backed low-interest loans and policies such as the feed-in-tariff seem to have played an important role in encouraging these private investments.” German Landscape of Climate Finances is also a part of CPI’s work to monitor climate finance throughout the world.

Solar Energy Can Build Better Future for next Generation

Radiant light from Sun, heat and solar energy is the main power source for humans from the starting of the civilization. The main problem of this time is the energy resources which can easily be lessened by the use of solar energy instead of depending on the natural energy resources. Solar architecture, solar thermal electricity, solar photovoltaics and solar heating are the main solar technologies available in the present world. Solar technologies can either be passive solar or active solar depending on the way of capture, convert and distribution of energy.

Around 3,850,000 exajoules solar energy are being absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land masses in every year. Every year the amount of solar energy reaches earth’s atmosphere is so vast that it’s quite double of what we can obtain from earth’s non-renewable resources. From 2002’s statistics it was more energy in one hour then the world used in one year.

Photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors are used in active solar techniques to collect the energy from sunlight, convert them and distribute them as solar energy. On the contrary, in passive solar techniques a building is needed to be included which will be oriented to the Sun, materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties and of course design a space to circulate air.

Solar energy can be gathered across all over world by various processes. For the survival of earth harnessed of solar energy will be long term beneficial, explained by the International Energy Agency. Increased use of solar energy will not only increase the energy security of any country also it will be an independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating climate change, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise.

If we consider the benefits the cost of absorption will be nothing. With wise and smart thinking we can lessen the cost of solar technology. Our decision will lead our next generation to a great future.

Renewable Energy Can be the Future of Alternative Energy

5th Annual Renewable Energy Finance conference held in San Francisco in last 27-28th September. The man topic was the challenging alternative and clean energy sector of the US landscape. Investors, energy executive and senior financiers from both of the private sector and governments attended in the conference and shared valuable information regarding future clean and alternative energy issue.

The upcoming presidential election has become the major issue which will determine the future strategy for the renewable energy. The world’s economical condition is in downstream which is affecting the US renewable energy policy. The federal incentives have been compelled to rethink their strategy of natural gases role in renewable energy field. The change of energy landscape has put the future renewable energy domain at stake.

Chairman of the California Air Resources Board Mary Nichols talked on several measures for the development of renewable energy sources. She mentioned of increasing use of energy efficiency retrofitting projects, reducing cost of electric vehicles, delivering new social innovation and public education, supportive initiates that will increase mass adoption in the residential and commercial sectors, delivering new financial models that offer low cost solutions, providing leadership and becoming a model for the stated.

In the conference experts gave priority to take wise initiative and make California an example for the other states. Today’s smart act will lead to a better future. Though with the current economic downstream this procedures will be little tough but if they can be successful the future generation will be always grateful for the bold steps.

Today’s world is looking for the possible best alternative energy sources. Renewable energy can be of great use as alternative energy. From several experts point of view, the time has come to stop thinking about the alternative sources instead make better strategy and policy for renewable energy domain.

Tap the Power of Sun and Lose Dependency on Solar Lanterns

It’s a great relief that recently the price of photovoltaic modules have reportedly dropped. In just 18 months the price of the total cost of solar energy conservation has been dropped to around 40%. Surely it’s the most promising development in the energy conservation process. With current economic situation it has been so easy to have one photovoltaic module in most economy.

If the right policy is taken it’ll be very helpful development to capture the power of sun and greatly boost mobility across board. Also it’ll reduce the amount of smoke and indoor pollution. In experts view, the cost has already dropped and now it’s easy affordable. They also mentioned the cost is now comparable to that produced from conventional fossil fuels, which, in any case, is loaded with externalities like pollution.

In recent years solar energy has only been used in regular electricity grid. But with this new policy and process this course will brake soon. The vast power of sun now can be used in production. This record breaking policy will definitely give a new dimension in energy production and change the path.

Now it’s time to make a workable plan to diffuse solar lanterns and subsidized kerosene. If we can replace the use of these lanterns and solar pumps by using sun’s energy it’ll lead to massive saving in budgetary around 1% of gross economic output and around 10% of Centre’s total budget outlays.

Nationwide a focused program must be initiated to diffuse solar powered pump sets. Farm owners must lose the reliance on diesel. Factories and manufacturing companies also must come under this program and as soon as possible diffuse solar powered pump sets. Initially it’ll cost to set up the photovoltaic modules but once set up they’ll do great not only in the economy but also to our environment and beloved earth.

Electric Hybrid Pickup Trucks and SUVs bring New Life into the Truck Market

While scientists are researching on how to reduce significantly the usage of our regular energy sources, some automobile companies are bringing electric hybrid trucks and SUVs to the market and these concepts are being appreciated by all because these vehicles tremendously cut down the fuel expenses as well as they are friendly to our environment.

One of such vehicles example is Chevy Volt. The most interesting thing about this vehicle is that it can be driven up to 40 miles solely on electric energy without using fuel; resulting zero emissions.

The Chevy Volt comes with a great combination of a 24 kWh Li-ion battery pack and a V6 engine. For first 40 miles, the power comes from the battery and then the vehicle switches to the V6 engine that can supply power for next 400 miles. The battery can be fully charged in 4hours at 220 V.

The Volt also gets an excellent fuel economy and it cut down the fuel costs by 75 percent. Charging the vehicle daily reduces refilling of the gas tank. According to the source, it costs only 6 cent per mile when driving in the electric mode.

Another great interesting thing is that most of the Americans don’t drive their vehicles more than 40 miles a day so it is possible to drive these electric hybrid vehicles without fuel. This is why it can be said that the electric hybrid vehicles can be a great choice for new generation.

Most of the people have been complaining about the gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs because they were not a great deal as well as they are environmentally unsustainable. So the sale of these vehicles went very slow in recent years. The concept of electric Hybrid SUVs and Pickup trucks will definitely pump new life in the pickup truck market.

Solar Energy: Current Situation and Future Possibilities

From the ancient time humans depend on solar energy, heat and radiant light from Sun. Today’s world is facing great problem with energy resources which can be tightened by the use of solar energy instead of depending on the natural energy resources. Most used solar technologies are solar architecture, solar thermal electricity, solar photovoltaics and solar heating. Depending on the way of capture, convert and distribution of energy solar technologies are either passive solar or active solar.

In active solar techniques, photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors are used to collect the energy from sunlight, convert them and distribute them as solar energy. On passive solar techniques, it’s necessary to include a building oriented to the Sun, materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties and of course design a space to circulate air.

Per year Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land masses absorbs around 3,850,000 exajoules solar energy. From 2002’s statistics it was more energy in one hour then the world used in one year. Every year the amount of solar energy reaches earth’s atmosphere is so vast that it’s quite double of what we can obtain from earth’s non-renewable resources.

Across all over world solar energy can be gathered by various processes. According to International Energy Agency, harnessed of solar energy will be long term beneficial for the survival of earth. It will not only increase the energy security of any country also it will be an independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating climate change, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise.

The cost of absorption will be nothing in consideration of benefits. If we wisely spent solar technologies cost it will be very easy to construct one. Solar energy will reduce our dependency on earth’s energy resources and we can give our future generation the chance of live in a great environment.

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