Renewable Energy Can be the Future of Alternative Energy

5th Annual Renewable Energy Finance conference held in San Francisco in last 27-28th September. The man topic was the challenging alternative and clean energy sector of the US landscape. Investors, energy executive and senior financiers from both of the private sector and governments attended in the conference and shared valuable information regarding future clean and alternative energy issue.

The upcoming presidential election has become the major issue which will determine the future strategy for the renewable energy. The world’s economical condition is in downstream which is affecting the US renewable energy policy. The federal incentives have been compelled to rethink their strategy of natural gases role in renewable energy field. The change of energy landscape has put the future renewable energy domain at stake.

Chairman of the California Air Resources Board Mary Nichols talked on several measures for the development of renewable energy sources. She mentioned of increasing use of energy efficiency retrofitting projects, reducing cost of electric vehicles, delivering new social innovation and public education, supportive initiates that will increase mass adoption in the residential and commercial sectors, delivering new financial models that offer low cost solutions, providing leadership and becoming a model for the stated.

In the conference experts gave priority to take wise initiative and make California an example for the other states. Today’s smart act will lead to a better future. Though with the current economic downstream this procedures will be little tough but if they can be successful the future generation will be always grateful for the bold steps.

Today’s world is looking for the possible best alternative energy sources. Renewable energy can be of great use as alternative energy. From several experts point of view, the time has come to stop thinking about the alternative sources instead make better strategy and policy for renewable energy domain.

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Led by Associate Professor Greg Metha, Head of Chemistry, the researchers are exploring how the metal nanoparticles act as highly efficient catalysts in using solar radiation to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. “Efficient and direct production of hydrogen from solar radiation provides a renewable energy source that is the pinnacle of clean energy,” said Associate Professor Greg Metha. “We believe this work will contribute significantly to the global effort to convert solar energy into portable chemical energy.”

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