Arizona Corporation Commission Has Gone Against the Solar Industry

Zachary Shahan puts together the solar statistics for the year of 2012 and the results are really interesting. The statistics say that Arizona State is at the top in terms of solar energy usage. Arizona has been a large coal producing state.

Arizona is sunny and one of the most clean energy markets in the world and because of this, solar industry is rapidly growing here. Sunny weather has drawn hundreds of different solar companies to the State. The headquarters of First solar (largest solar company in the world) is situated here.

As the industry is growing and there is an economic benefit for the state, it is expected that this is the beginning of new industrial era. But Arizona is moving in the opposite direction, instead of embracing the economic engine that solar industry could provide. The ACC, Arizona Corporation Commission, has taken 3 distinct steps against the solar industry.

The attorney general in Virginia is leading efforts to eliminate financial for renewable energy projects. In North Carolina, there are also notable movements on the behalf of solar energy. On the other hand, there is an anti-clean energy campaign in Arizona which is a perfect state for solar energy.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has taken a series of steps against the solar. Recently, the commission has introduced a measure that would cut sales to the largest customers. This approach of the ACC has been criticized. However, the steps by ACC will affect the solar industry.

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