Natural Gas is the reason for Alternative Energy Depression

In a recent study, the global alternative energy investments aren’t looking so bright. Just in a few days, private and public sectors around the world have already lost billions of dollars in alternative energy sector. The price of natural gas is the main reason behind it. As the world is experiencing technological update in alternative energy sector, the price of the natural gas has been reduced greatly.

In the present market, natural gas is inexpensive. So the investors have lost their interest to invest in the renewable energy. Because of the technological improvement in the reservation, previously unreachable reserves have now been tapped. Fracking has made it possible for USA to surpass Russia as the world’s largest natural gas supplier.

The market statistics showed in 2008 the price of natural gas was $13 per thousand feet. But in 2012, the price reduced to $3 per thousand feet. United States Natural Gas has fallen 39% and just after a year the downstream touched 68%.

The scenario is alike in the alternative energy sector but a bit worse may be. The stocks are deemed notable and widely admirable now but the stockholders aren’t interested to touch it right now. The risk is high so new investors haven’t showed any interest to get involved with the current high risk situation.

Each and everyone know that if we continue walking in the current course it will be very risky for the future of our planet. It’s time when we should move towards the clean energy and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. But there are not so many who are willing to pay the price and actually live green. If the price of the natural gas increases it may bring sweet turn to the alternative energy sectors.

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