The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has many advantages when compared with the hydro-carbon energy. It is not only good for your pocket, but it is also environmental friendly and this is why the use of solar energy is increasing day by day. However, there are some negative sides are also available for solar energy along with the advantages.
Advantages of solar energy:
1. Solar energy is renewable resource and on the other hand, oil is not. Most of the people of the world are now using solar oil energy to fulfill their regular demands of energy. But oil sources are not unlimited. Soon it will be gone, but sun is a constant source of energy and it will never finish.
2. Solar cells are sound free. They never make a single peep when extracting energy from the sun. But generators make huge noise, which is annoying to everyone.
3. Solar energy doesn’t create any sort of pollution at all. Perhaps it is the most important advantage of using solar energy instead of oil energy. On the other hand, oil energy is impractical, polluting our environment with harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.
4. The maintaining cost of solar cells is extremely low since the source is sun which is free.
5. Solar panels and lighting may seem expensive to you when purchasing first time, but if you have a plan to use it for a long term, then it would definitely be a great deal. Unfortunately, running oil machine needs great investment and in addition the price of oil is increasing day by day.
1. Solar cells and panels are very expensive when you purchase it for the first time.
2. Solar cells cannot produce electricity on a cloudy day or night or during storm and because of this you may use oil to supply power to your home.

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Led by Associate Professor Greg Metha, Head of Chemistry, the researchers are exploring how the metal nanoparticles act as highly efficient catalysts in using solar radiation to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. “Efficient and direct production of hydrogen from solar radiation provides a renewable energy source that is the pinnacle of clean energy,” said Associate Professor Greg Metha. “We believe this work will contribute significantly to the global effort to convert solar energy into portable chemical energy.”

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