Time to take initiative to install Solar Photovoltaic Panels in Every House

New York and New Jersey residents have suffered three major natural calamities in the past 16 months. The last one attacked just a few days back in the middle of the United States presidential campaign. Though the residents have survived the attack there was complete black out because most of the poles were wiped out by the super-storm Sandy. Now it’s time when they should think about something innovative.

Utility companies are working hard to repair and replace those poles affected by the storm. But when the power industry is unable to perform its basic mission of supplying reliable power then the people should think about something sensible. Is it really sensible to run the 21st century with bunch of copper wires and wooden poles?

The residents are unhappy with the inadequate power supply and they’ve already taken initiative to restore their power until the power industry is able to perform their task. They’ve bought portable gas powered generators. But with the power they got from these generators what are they doing to our environment? These expensive devices creating dirt and noise in terms of power supplying.

But if they’ve spent their valuable cash in more effective solar photovoltaic technology then they could’ve reduced their reliance on fossil fuels. Electricity-producing photovoltaic panels are installed on houses, on the roofs of warehouses.

In the last five years the cost for solar panels have been dropped almost 80 percent. Solar panels can produce with same amount of cost now the 20 state’s residents are paying for power. It’s not only can power us but also reduce cost and most importantly it doesn’t damage our beloved environment. Now the question has risen why the authority didn’t take proper initiative for this safe and clean source of energy.

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